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History of the district

SULEYMAN-Staliskiy district - one of the large district of the Republic Dagestan. Ispo-horse of the ages he, due to its geographical position, was shown by connecting-link between mountain district South Dagestan and rest world. With this is bound its rich history.
On information of the antique authors, the conceptions of state in Kavkaz, including on the lands, where lived the distant ancestor a lezgin, came up for medium I millenniums before n.e. "Geographical data, - writes M.IHILOV, - brought antique author in their messages, enable to make sure that whole territory modern Azerbaijan and South Dagestan was a territory of Kavkaz Albania".
The Armenian historians mention of Albania, as about rich and populous country. In V age feudal relations formed in Albania. Albany originally were a pagan, afterwards become Christian. The Invasion persian, then arab has brought about destruction of cultural valuables to Albania. The Conquerors rooted out local Albania constrain the culture, forced the scolded population, confession christianity, take bow fire, but later with receipts Arab-muslin  - an islam. Albano-lezgin tribes un-der pressure of the conquerors abandoned the sea- side districts and left in deep mountains. The Eth-nic of the group lezgin created there especial society.
The Multiple material about histories lezgin folk is kept in archive Grew-сии, countries of the Europe and NEAR EAST.
Valuable information, being indicative of ancient  of the histories of this edge, have possessed the scientist at the beginning initially 60-h years past centuries, when on territory of the state farm im. Gereyha-nova archeological troop of the Institute IYAL (нач. M.T. The Pickles) has opened Sharakunskiy grave. It is subjected to the stationary excavation, as a result which were revealled unmetalled  of the grave VI v. before n.e. Such hills - an graves numbers more than 10 here, and each of they keep in itself new information about period of the transition from stone metal.
On territory Ahtynskogo, Dokuzparinskogo, Magaramkentskogo, Suleyman-Staliskogo, somewhat Hivskogo and Kurahskogo district Dagestana is revealled beside 130 archaeology monu-ment. Not all of these well studied. This, first of all, unknown burial mounds, settlings and graves, information about which дошли before us from different sources or the document, formed on the grounds of information of the local inhabitants.
In X age part territory falls under in dependency from vastly increased then SHirvana. Gradu-ally, with cut-in in composition Shirvana  lezgin of the grounds share lezgin of the population here becomes most.
Every time, when against inhabitants, living in valley yard Gyulgeri i.e.Kyurinskoy valleys, used power, they answered the worthy resistance.
The arena of the opposition powerful state becomes In XII-XV vv. territory Kyurinskoy val-leys - Hulagidskoy state, Gold(en) Horde, Osmanskoy empires.
In XIII v. horde mongol invaded on territory of the residence lezgin. The First march through territory Dagestana point georgian, armenian and arabic summer-scribe. IBN-al-Asir wrote: "Pass-ing Derbend Shirvana, tatar have entered in the field of, in to-torah much nationalities: alan, lakci and several tyrkskiy tribe, have robbed and have killed much lakci-muslin, and atheist  and have produced the carnage amongst met their animosity inhabitants of that countries ".
Hitherto much legends ed in memories of folk and legends about stubborn and heroic  to fight lezgin against mongol. Giliom Rubruk reports that alan and circassians strive with tatar, and that "certain saracini, referred to as lesgami by equal image is not subordinated tatar".
B XVI-XVIII vv. these ground become the zone political and economic interest Osmanskoy empires, sefevidskiy  Iran and Russian state.
Radical  change in lifes Curium have occurred after in 1759 Fetali-Khan Cuban at support re-belled townsfolk was confirmed by ruler in Derbent. Bolted in Derbent and having spread its influ-ence upon Curium before s. Kapir, Fetali-Khan was comprised of political system Dagestan.
Support rendered Russia Fetali-Khan in this period, promoted the distance further reinforce-ment of the influence its on east part Kavkaz
Resting in old economic and ethnic unity grounds in pool yard Gyulgeri, Fetali-Khan pro-moted origin Kyurinskogo khanate.
At January 1812 tsarist government has officially acknowledged Kyurinskiy state in, in which entered Gyuneyskiy and Kutur-Kyurinskiy magalz, as well as territory Kurahskiy, Koshanskogo, Aguliskiy and Richinskiy alliance rural society. In Kyurinskom khanate with the centre in village Hen numbered more than 10 thousand people. It was a races-as one should between river Rubas and Samur, in the south borderРed the Cuban khanate, on south-west - with "free" society Ahty-pair, Dokuz-pair and others, west part touched with south-east part Kazikumukskogo khanate.
the March 8 1865 Alexander II has confirmed the offers of the deputy Caucasus and military minister and chief of the Caucasian Committee to liquidate hanskiy  management in Curium and convert it in Kyurinskiy county.
In composition Kyurinskogo neighborhood were formed naibstvo: Kurahskoe, Kutur-Kyurinskoe, Gyuneyskoe.
In 1864 to Kyurinskiy county was joined and South-Tabasaranskiy naibstvo, but in 1868 - Ulusskiy magal, entered in composition Derbentskogo mer  previously. the April 26 1868 deputy Position was approved on Caucasus about rural society Dagestanskoy region, for   2380. On this Po-sition role people in management rural deals was  vastly, but all questions rural-go management dared the petty officer, which confirmed the district chief.
District management in Kyurinskom county, either as in the other county Dagestana, about-existed up to 1929.
the July 3 1929 special resolution of the Presidium VCIK two districts were formed in Kyurin-skom county: Kasumkentskiy and Kurahskiy, but a little later - Hivskiy, Aguliskiy.
In composition Kasumkentskiy district then entered the territory present Magaramkentskiy, a part of the grounds Kurahskogo, Hivskogo and Tabasaranskogo district. This was a croup-whine district, in which functioned 53 rural Advices.
12 May 1969, in honour of centuries of the prominent poet, Gomera XX age Suleymana Stal-iskogo Edict of the Presidium of the SUPREME SOVIET RSFSR Kasumkentskiy district fart-is re-ferred to as in Suleyman-Staliskiy.

Фетали-Хан (1756-1789 гг.)
Государство Фетали-Хана