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Suleyman-Staliskiy region

SULEYMAN-Staliskiy region - one of the large region of the Republic Dagestan. Ispo-horse of the ages it, due to its geographical position, was shown by connecting-link between mountain re-gion South Dagestan and the rest world. With this is bound its rich history.
What witness history, archeological data, ancient sources, some villages founded 1000-2000, but that and 3000-5000 years ago. Many of them were formed as a result of associations several small villages, located at a short distance.
After joining Dagestan to Russia, in administrative-political device of the region, in agrarian relations and in social structure of society had occurred certain change. The area of Dagestan was created In 1860 with ten counties. The Administrative power in villages was realized by people step to base lows and religion, but people were managed the heads and cadets. Then was created and county Kyure, where entered some villages of present Suleyman-Staliskiy, Kurahskiy, Hivskiy, Aguliskiy, Magaramkentskiy and  Tabasaranskiy regions.
District management in Kyure county, as in  the other counties of Dagestan,  existed till 1929, when were made administrative reforms in view of inconvenience and difficults of counties.
In 1921 in county by decret VCIK step place rural society were created settle Soviets. Fourth session CIK DASSR VI convocation were formed cantons 22 November 1928, after  eight months by resolution of the Presidium VCIK since 03.07.1929 cantons were renamed different regions.
The special resolution of the Presidium VCIK two regions were formed 2 regions in Kyure county in July 3 1929 : Kasumkentskiy and Kurahskiy, but a little later - Hivskiy, Aguliskiy.Then In composition of Kasumkent region entered the territory present Magaramkentskiy region, a part of the lands of Kurahskiy, Hivskiy and Tabasaranskiy regions. This was a large region, in which func-tioned 53 village Soviet.
12 May 1969, in honour of centuries of the prominent poet Gomer XX age Suleyman Staliskiy by Edict of the Presidium of the SUPREME SOVIET RSFSR Kasumkentskiy region was renamed as Suleyman-Staliskiy.
The Law of the Republic Dagestan from 13.01.2005   №6 "About status and border municipal  forming of the Republic Dagestan" municipal formation "Suleyman Staliskiy region" is vested  status of the municipal region.
The Borders of the territory of the municipal region are installed by Law of the Republic Dagestan from 13.01.2005   №6 "About status and borders of the municipal formation of Republic Dagestan".
The Chapter of the municipal region on the Meeting of deputies representative organ in De-cember 14 2007 is elected Yaraliev Imam Muzamudinovich.
The Meeting of deputies consists of 21 deputies.
The Chapter of administration of the municipal region is Magomedhanov Shtibeg Gadzhima-gomedovich.
The Administrative centre of the municipal region is a village Kasumkent.
The Municipal region forms the territory 16  settlements:
1) "village soviet "Alkadarskiy" in composition of villages;  Alkadar, Sardarkent with adminis-trative centre in settle Alkadar;
2) "village soviet "Ashaga-Staliskiy" in composition villages; Ashagastal, Ashagastal-Kazmalyar, with administrative centre in settle Ashagastal;
3) "village soviet "Gereyhanovskiy" in composition villages; Gereyhanovskoe and second branches of the state farm, with administrative centre in settle Gereyhanovskoe;
4) "village "Darkush-Kazmalyar";
5) "village soviet Ispikskiy" in composition villages; Ispik, Asalikent, Saliyan with administra-tive centre in settle Ispik;
6) "village soviet "Kasumkentskiy" in composition villages; Kasumkent, Kahcug, Saidkent, with administrative  centre in settle Kasumkent;
7) "village soviet "Karchagskiy" in composition villages; Karchag, Nyutyug, Zizik, Ekendili, with administrative centre in settle Karchag;
8) "village "Kurkent";
9) "village soviet "Novomakinskiy" in composition villages; the New Maka, CHuhverkent, with administrative by centre in settle New Maka;
10) "village "Orta-Became";
11) "village soviet "Ullugatagskiy" in composition villages;sown Ullugatag, Saytarkent, Ptikent, Yuharikartas, Ashagakartas, Tatarhankent, with administrative centre in settle Ullugatag;
12) "village soviet "Cmurskiy" in composition villages; Cmur, Kachalkent, Ichin, with admin-istrative  centre in settle Cmur;
13) "village soviet "SHihikentskiy" in composition villages; Shihikent, Butkent, Zuhrabkent, Htun, Piperkent with administrative centre in settle Shihikent;
14) "village " Hpyuk";
15) "village "Eminhyur";
16) "village "Yuharistal
 the Number of the populated points - 37.
The Big part of territory of the region occupied mountains, declivities. On the plain part of ter-ritory remains not many place. In recent years, the villages enlarge, the number  of people also grows.
In the north and northwest region borders with Tabasaran region, with Derbent region, west borders with Hivskiy region, in the south-west with Kurahskim, in the south and in the south-east borders with Magaramkent region  and with Dakuzparinskiy region.
The Federal road "Kavkaz" (the Baku-Rostov) lie on the territory of the region
The character  of the relief of Suleyman-Staliskiy region possible to divide into three main parts - low-lying (4 %), foothill  (80 %) and bugle (16 %). On lowlands are found villages ; Emin-hyur, Darkush, New Maka, Gereyhanovskoe, in foothill - Kasumkent, Karchag, Ekendil, Zizik, Nyutyug, Alkadar, Sardarkent, Ashaga-Arag, Yuhari-Arag, Asalkent, Ashagakartas, Yharikartas, Kahcug. Other villages are considered mountainous.
On territory of the region run the rivers Kurahchay (Arag), Chiragchay (Stal) and Cmur, which mix in  Kasumkent form the river Gyulgerichay (Stal).
On lowlands grow grain, fruits, vegetables, grape, in foothill and the mountainous parts region concern with the stock-breeding, horticulture.
On plain climate is dry, continental, with hot summer and cool  winter, the climate in foothill is more humid, moderate, in mountain the climate is cool.
On the territory of the region you may meet the flora world nearly all of the climate zones: al-pine meadow, oak, beech wood of foothills. About riches of local flora speaks that fact that here meet beside 2500 types grassy plants. There are located fruit gardens In valley, vineyards, playing great role in facilities of the region.
The Animal world also rich and is varied. There are  both typical inhabitants of the asiatic steppes, and representatives of the european Fauna.
Number of agricultural enterprises – 46. Number peasant-farming facilities – 1051. Number personal subsidiary facilities - 17867 Number of the educational institutions - 57: Secondary schools - 26 Main schools - 8 Grade schools – 7, Kinder-gardens - 11 DUSSH - 3
The House of children  creative activity -1 RVSSH (the evening secondary school of region) – 1. Territory - 667 kv. km. Number of the population:
1959 - 27149
1970 - 35000
1979 - 37000
1989 - 38000  
1990 - 51360
2004 - 55201  
At present beside 60 thous. forehead lives in district.
Density of the population - 82,67 men on 1 kv. km.
The Native of our district live in the all cities and districts of Dagestan and other Russian towns, republics, edges, regions. Much of them live overseas (basically republic to CENTRAL ASIA and Azerbaijan). In Turcii lezgins live in Kirna, in populated points Dyumberez ( Balekesir), Dagestan (around Bergamy), Gyuneykin (around YAlovy), Lezgikent (around Izmira) and others
In connection with disinteration USSR, in result of forming independent state, migration  flows were changed. Many peasants  of the district, living in republic former USSR, had to return in native district.
Distance from Kasumkent to Mahachkala - 187 km.
From Kasumkent to railway station Belidzhi - 35 km.
To the all villages there is car message around year, with the exclusion of some populated points in radius 25-30 km. from district centre, which it breaks partly in winter.
The land of S. Staliskiy region grew safe pleiades of the well-earned people: agronomists, teachers, poets and writers, figures of the culture, scientists, generals. Many of you know the  names: great poet-lyric Etim Emin, "Gomer XX age" Suleyman Stalskiy, laureate Leninist bonus, Hero of the socialist labour, constructor Henryh Gasanov, founder of the Dagestan professional mu-sic Gotfrid Gasanov, one of the organizer of the first university of the Country of the Mountains Abutalib Abilov, doctor of the philosophical sciences, academic WOUNDS, director of the institute philosophical WOUNDS Abdusalam Guseynov, the hero of Russia Radim Halikov, deputy of the General public prosecutor of Russian Federation Sabira Kehlerova, generals- brothers Shaydaevs and others. We pronounce these names our countryman with pride, prominent people, philosophers Ruhun Ali, Kazanfar Zulifikarov, Gasanefendy Alkadarskiy and others.
The Favourable climatic conditions, irrigated land, ensemble of the sources of medical mineral water, abundance of sun, inimitable landscapes, clean air, races-created in itself adviseable aroma garden and wood, abundance of  fruits, vegetables , grapes, multiple monuments of history, architec-tures, material culture - such  Suleyman Staliskiy district, being, on essences, natural health resort. And the most main - here live good, friendly, industrious people.

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